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The Runaway

Now Casting for an upcoming Audio Drama Series.

What is The Runaway?

When his case goes array, Det. Hale leaves behind a series of recordings, hoping someone will continue the investigation into notorious con artist, Chiara Montgomery.


Detective Hale’s partner and friend. He is a smart man, caring friend, and dedicated cop. He is the conscience his friend sometimes lacks.

Det. Hale always gets his guy, but no case has ever tested his skills like Chiara Montgomery. While he can get lost in his work, this cat and mouse game with Chiara takes him to a place of no return.

An enigma to even those who knew her the most. She is a skillful liar and a masterful con. As her past starts to catch up with her, she finds herself on the run, from cops and criminals alike.

Looking for a new start, Jack was not expecting to be wrapped up in a hunt for the woman he thought he loved. Now he is torn between obeying the law or following her into uncertain territory.

Paulina is a single woman in the city with a dark past. As the police get closer to having Chiara in their sights, Paulina is trapped between her past and her present.

As Dom & Paulina’s father, he is a cunning but caring man. The only thing he will put before business is family.

The head of Station 4’s homicide division, he is a strict leader and has been wary of Detective Hale since his last failed case; not fully trusting him with this new investigation. 

The Gravano family's top rival, he is known for his violent tactics and orchestrating conflicts with hired hitmen. Now Bobby finds his plans challenged by Chiara's unexpected return to town.

Paulina’s friend and colleague. She is a bubbly, energetic & caring individual to all those in her life. She would do anything to help a friend.

Zane's girlfriend and Chiara's cousin, she's the team's fresh recruit, set to become Chiara's right-hand despite Chiara's indifference. She isn’t there to make friends, she’s there to make an impact.

As Paulina’s ex-boyfriend, Zane is a sauvé and cunning man, charismatic and sarcastic. He still cares for Paulina despite not being with her anymore.

A waitress who simply applied for a job at a diner, and now finds herself at the beck and call of a mob with a terrifying and deadly boss.


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