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About Us

Our Vision

We believe in telling stories that transcend barriers. 

Our Mission

At Runaway Productions Limited, our mission is to eliminate artistic barriers by providing accessible resources and safe spaces for storytellers from all backgrounds to share their voices and experiences.

Our Mandate

As a women-owned and operated enterprise, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the Canadian film industry. We strive to produce work that tackles difficult topics and challenges social and political norms.

Our Story and Values

In early 2023, Runaway Productions Limited was born. As recent graduates, we embarked on a journey to make changes in the ways we approach producing content. With a passion for storytelling and a vision for inclusivity, we set out to create accessible resources and safe spaces within the industry.

At Runaway Productions Ltd., we are more than just a media production company. We are a team of dedicated individuals committed to making meaningful contributions to the Canadian film industry. Our core values of ingenuity, innovation, and inclusivity drive everything we do.

As a women-owned and operated enterprise, we take immense pride in our commitment to diversity and inclusion, ensuring that we tell authentic stories with the impacted communities.

Creative Changes

We believe in the transformative power of creativity to drive positive change and shape the world we want to see.

Innovative Perspectives

We push boundaries, question norms, and challenge the status quo to spark new ideas and approaches to storytelling.

Inclusivity and Diversity

We champion diverse viewpoints and strive to amplify voices that have traditionally been underrepresented in media.


We believe in the power of collaboration and community-building to foster supportive and safe creative spaces.

Meet the Team

Our dynamic team of talented individuals is at the forefront of upholding our company values. From concept to execution, each member offers a unique set of skills and expertise. Contact us today and we can help you get started

Services Cover Photo.jpg

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